35 / M / Straight / Seeing Someone
Arroyo Grande, California


My Self-Summary

HI! Umm Holla @ UR Literature (*groan*).

Please Note:
I'm just a regular user. I do not work for OKCupid nor do I have any special knowledge about the site beyond what you would have. I just answer lots of questions based on my observations and technical knowledge.

Now on with stuff about me....

I love cooking and try to recreate things I have in restaurants at home. I'm especially good with pasta dishes but also make a mean egg roll and various mexican and other asian things too. I rather enjoy coffee having two coffee machines and a pump driven espresso machine at home and work. I also love iced and hot tea.

I love guitar and keyboard/synth stuff and have been trying to learn for the past few years. I grow orchids, take lots of pictures, and enjoy reading and learning about the world around me.

I'm originally from Maryland and moved to California back in 2003. I'm really easy to talk to and get along with. So please keep reading and write me about anything.

I'm looking for a lady to share life with that I can cook for, and draw silly little cartoon people on post its and leave them around the house, and play my guitar for and most of all snuggle with on the couch while watching movies, hold hands with, and give little kisses to. Oh and can't forget hugs...for any reason...just because.


What I’m doing with my life

Trying to learn to play guitar and piano. I own 6
guitars, an amp, a bunch of effects, and a bunch of other sound equipment. Do I know how to use it all? Not really but I'm trying REALLY HARD and do ok :D.

If you're looking for GreaseMonkey scripts look here
To see what I use for music equipment Click Here.

I consider two of my guitars my babies. One is a Gibson Custom Shop hollow body electric Johnny A Signature Edition guitar. The other is my Legend Guitar Company OM-307QM (British Columbia entirely hand made guitar) acoustic in Quilted Maple. It's beautiful... the quilted maple is heavenly and it sounds beautiful.

Just trying to find someone to share life with and enjoy it together. If you can play any of my musical instruments I share well with others. :-) If you have musical abilities to play your own instrument (or one of mine) or sing or anything that would be cool too because it'd be really nice to share music with someone. It makes me happy :-)


I’m really good at

Cooking - I make really yummy italian food,
chinese food, and mexican food similar to what you can find in restaurants.
Photography - Mainly involving flowers and the random candid portrait at parties when people are having a good time.
Computers - If it's got electricity running through it I can figure out how to work it and use it.
Smooches and Cuddling - I'm really good at hugs and soft kisses and being all snuggly cuddly :).
Parallel Parking - I can parallel park quite well due to
my dad making me learn to park a car in a VERY small space over and over and over and over again. If it's mathematically possible to get a car in there I can park it. I'm very spatially aware.

Anyway I'm also quite handy with building and fixing things around the house as necessary due to helping building many homes growing up within a large family of aunts and uncles.

The first things people usually notice about me

My eyes or my smile and that I'm actually funny. I have learned though that I need to point out I'm funny with occasional stories and puns and that sort of thing. I do not on command launch into a comedy joke telling routine. I know many many jokes but I generally only recall them when prompted with a portion of the joke and cannot simply recite them at will.

If you're in my house you notice I have a lot of guitars and I have good taste in decorating. Online that I use a lot of those ellipsis thingers... no really... I do... it's like an addiction... or
something. ... ... . .. . . .. . . . . . . . :)




My favorite books, movies, music, and food

Love listening to the musician Johnny A. I own a Gibson Custom Shop Signature Edition guitar spec'd out by him. Look him up on MySpace Music or something.. you might like it. Also like things like:

Depeche Mode
The Cure
The Smiths
Pet Shop Boys
Nine Inch Nails
Chris Isaak
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dire Straits
Mike Oldfield's orchestral CD Music of the Spheres
Matchbox 20
Maroon 5
Tom Petty
Panic at the Disco
The Fray
Linkin Park
The All-American Rejects
Barenaked Ladies
Blink 182
The Chemical Brothers

Love pasta, pizza, tacos, Cajun food and southern cooking, Sushi, shrimp, crabs (I'm from Maryland... think about it). A piece of steak with little crispy tiny bits here and there (not blackened) off an oak fired grill and still pink and mostly firm throughout with a tiny bit of red or a few seconds after that and then drizzle the steak with a red wine sauce and serve with a nice glass of red wine and some grilled asparagus and some lightly crushed parsleyed red and yellow new potatoes. Finish with a nice Creme Brule.

Like reading books like Harry Potter, Tom Clancy, suspense stuff.

Love the movies The Pianist, Pulp Fiction, Iron Man, Wall-E, Black Hawk Down, Lord of War, Chicken Run, Shawshank Redemption.

TV I don't watch much except some streaming things off the
internet. Used to watch Food Network and Discovery and History Channel a lot. Now I stream Fringe, Rescue Me, House, Warehouse 13 and a few other shows.


The six things I could never do without

  • Air (duh) but really a sense of purpose and direction
  • Food/Water/Fire (I loooove to cook)
  • Computer/Internet (I'm a geek)
  • Somewhere to Live
  • Regular source of kisses/hugs (haha) ok seriously though some good friends to spend time with
  • My acoustic guitar <3 <3 <3


I spend a lot of time thinking about

  • Life and everyone in it that I care about and the infinite possibilities of the world around us.
  • I like trying to figure out how stuff works... breaks... gets fixed... comes apart.. goes together...
  • That age old question... why? (Relax I dont ask Why.. I just think about it)
  • Related to why... why is it so hard to meet people on the Central Coast that are over college age and under the age of retirement and single? (and thus... Why I'm moving to Los Angeles)
  • Cheese
  • And Javascript / GreaseMonkey...


On a typical Friday night I am

Waiting for you find me or me to find you :) meanwhile I'm playing my guitar. Please don't make me wait too long for us to find each other or I'll have to start playing Blues and the kind of Country where everyone's left you and your truck died and lost your dog and that's just not happy. I'd rather be playing happy stuff and rock and stupid happy stuff.


The most private thing I’m willing to admit here

I'm actually quite shy but I force myself quite successfully to be friendly just so I can get to know you better so I can then get past the shy getting to know you time so I don't have to be shy anymore. Anything else you need to get to know me better first to find out.


You should message me if

  1. You are relatively sane. (But... Everyone's just a little bit crazy)
  2. You are looking for someone to spend time with.
  3. You are happy with yourself and life in general and not needing someone to make you happy or entertain you etc.
  4. You like my personality...
  5. You think I'd like your personality...
  6. You think I'm cute in any way...
  7. You think I sound interesting...
  8. You (or your friends in case you don't think you're cute at all) think I'd find you cute in any way...(I'm not usually into drop dead sexy so please keep moving...I'm flattered but sorry! I may file an exemption if you are still interested in me and have a rather high IQ and general intelligence and perhaps have musical skills or other similarities. If you're more regular girl next door with a smidgen of some sort of cute in personality swirled in then by all means let's talk haha)
  9. You think I'd find you interesting...
  10. You have questions...
  11. You think I have answers... (and those are... yes...absolutely... very... aww that's sweet... and maybe)
  12. You have to have all your teeth, brush, floss, etc regularly please. Waterpik a plus ;) lol
  13. You are a woman within about 10 years of my age. If you're a little older that's ok too if we get along and click really well but that's pretty unique. I'm just not seeking specifically for that but I'm open minded to the right person. Liking Depeche Mode and similar music here and there would work well.
  14. You'd like me to cook you a nice steak sometime.
  15. If you're interested in maybe trying dating someday then if you're snuggly/cuddly that's really good :)
  16. optional: You know how to play guitar or piano or have some musical talent would be awesome